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We offer a large line of services. If you need aerial photos, video, editing, hosting, and much more you just let us know. We can handle any scenario from residential to commercial, movies to golf courses. Whatever and wherever you need, we are here to help you look professional and benefit you!



Photography includes interior, exterior and drone photography. All of our work comes with professional photo editing to make the photos free of color shifts and light anomalies often found in most HDR products. Get closer to your asking price with our aerial photos and videos of your beautiful home so everyone can see.


Sell real estate faster and attract more clients by showcasing your property from the air. Aerial panoramas, images, and videos illustrate proximity to nearby amenities, roads, and features. Want a shot of your business to put up in your lobby? We got you covered. Let folks see it from above!


We can help you with any inspection needs. Let us get to places normally unreachable. Give us a call!

  • – Bridge Inspection
  • – Gas & Oil Pipe Inspection
  • – Asset & Plant Inspection
  • – Maintenance Survey
  • – Rooftop Inspections / Survey
  • – Industrial Roof Inspection
  • – Progress Monitoring & Reporting
  • – Insurance
  • – Claims Adjustment Insurance
  • – Damage Assessment
  • – Photogrammetry


We have an emergency line you can call in case our fellow officers may need us. If we can help, let us know!


Need a property line fly over? Need to know the condition of the property before you buy? Want to investigate hard to reach roof mechanisms? Call us!


Be at the cutting edge of technology by using drones for roof inspections at scale nationwide. Lower your operating costs and send pilots out to get the aerial imagery you need to process a claim or underwriting inspection. TheDroneAbove insurance packages are safe, affordable, available nationwide, and FAA compliant. Insurance companies protect your investment in your customers. Let us take shots of any claim!


  • – Photogrammetry
  • – Orthorectified Imagery
  • – Orthomosaic
  • – DSM
  • – DTM
  • – Topographic Map
  • – 3D Model
  • – 3D Point Cloud
  • – GIS
  • – CAD Data Integration
  • – 2D Site Map
  • – Volumetric & 2D Measurement
  • – Activity Heat Map
  • – Plan Overlay
  • – Feature Extraction
  • – Crop Management

Construction and Development

In the construction industry having all of your people on the ground working is important to your bottom line. The more frequently you put someone in a position that risks their safety, the more risk your company takes on as well. With our aerial drone platforms, we do not put anyone in a location to possibly be hurt. We remotely deploy photography and videography to those same sites for a fraction of the cost.

  • – Construction Planning
  • – Construction Progress Monitoring
  • – Surveying
  • – Activity Heat Map
  • – Plan Overlay
  • – Feature Extraction
  • – Photogrammetry
  • – Orthorectified Imagery
  • – Orthomosaic
  • – GIS
  • – CAD Data Integration
  • – 2D Site Map
  • – Volumetric & 2D Measurement
  • – Aerial View Study
  • – Panoramic Photo
  • – 360˚ Panoramic Virtual Tour

Construction site monitoring is one of the fastest growing drone marketplaces.  Our team will survey your site from the air providing you and your team with pictures and video to be used in progress updates, investor meetings, sales, marketing and more.  Call us today to discuss your project needs.